August 11, 2014

Selected reports and information published by New York State's Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli during the week ending August 9, 2014

Selected reports and information published by New York State's Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli during the week ending August 9, 2014
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Department of Health (DOH) – Inappropriate Medicaid Payments for Recipients with Multiple Identification Numbers and No Social Security Numbers (Follow-Up) (2014-F-1)
An initial audit report, issued in July 2012, identified $17.3 million in Medicaid overpayment because 9,848 recipients were enrolled into Medicaid with multiple identification numbers. In a follow-up, auditors found DOH officials have made progress in correcting the problems identified in the earlier report. This included the recovery of approximately $2.7 million in Medicaid overpayment for services provided to recipients with multiple identification numbers. Of the initial report's two recommendations, one was implemented and one was partially implemented.

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Time and Attendance Practices of Selected Employees (2011-S-45)
Auditors found significant discrepancies between the time and attendance records maintained by employees of Long Island Railroad’s Richmond Hill shop when compared with their work production records for the same periods. Auditors also identified several MTA employees who work and reside in New York City during their respective work weeks who are reporting that they reside outside the city and avoiding New York City income tax.

New York State Thruway Authority – Mission Statement and Performance Measures (2013-S-9)
The authority's 2011 and 2012 mission statement and measurement reports did not provide users of the highway and canal systems with complete and accurate information about what has been achieved on their behalf. The authority did not report on five of 15 performance measures and six of the 10 measures we reviewed were not accurately reported or did not fully disclose the results of the authority's operations. The authority has not set performance and accountability goals for 13 of the 15 performance measures in quantitative terms. The authority's board has not reviewed its mission statement and performance measures annually since April 2010, as required.

Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) – Accuracy of Reported Cost Savings (2013-S-29)
Although the audit showed the majority of the reported cost savings examined were reasonable and adequately supported, auditors also estimate OMIG overstated savings from 27 of 35 activities examined by at least $1.2 billion as a result of flaws and/or inconsistencies in the methodologies used to estimate savings. OMIG officials indicate they have taken corrective action on the methodologies for many of these 27 activities. A lack of communication among the managers responsible for the various activities contributed to these problems.

State Education Department –Tuition Reimbursement Account for the Three Fiscal Years Ended March 31, 2013 (2014-S-17)
The audited financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the respective financial position of the Tuition Reimbursement Account as of the three fiscal years ending March 31, 2013, and the respective changes in financial position for the years then ended, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.