As the result of recent unauthorized intrusions into NYPPL by "unknown parties," New York Public Personnel Law has removed its posting of summaries of court and administrative decisions and rulings from the Internet and has replaced NYPPL with an alternative resource -- the New York Public Personnel Law Database.

Access to this new database will be limited to Registered Readers.

Reader Registration: Registration requires the payment of a $100.00 [US] non-refundable registration fee, which should be paid using a credit or debit card via the secure link to PayPal provided below. A Registered Reader will have access via the Internet to more than 5,500 downloadable summaries of selected court, administrative and arbitration decisions. The Database also has a "search" feature to assist the user in locating any relevant material that has been posted.

If you are involved in New York State public personnel law matters as an individual, an administrator, an officer or member of a employee organization, an arbitrator, an attorney or a law firm, you are invited to become a Registered Reader of this new research tool.

Click on the secure link to PayPal below

to access PayPal to pay the one-time non-refundable $100.00 [US] registration fee.

Examples of issues addressed in the 5,500+ decisions summarized and posted during a random six month period are set out below:

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