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N.B. §22 of the New York State's General Construction Law, in pertinent part, provides that “Whenever words of the masculine or feminine gender appear in any law, rule or regulation, unless the sense of the sentence indicates otherwise, they shall be deemed to refer to both male or female persons.” NYPPL applies this protocol to individuals referred to in a decision self-identifying as LGBTQA+.

January 3, 2011

Political tests for appointment to the public service in New York State

Political tests for appointment to the public service in New York State
NYPPL trivia – January 2011

Subdivision 1 of §107 of the Civil Service Law essentially prohibits “Recommendations based on political affiliations.” Subdivision 1, in pertinent part, provides that “No recommendation or question under the authority of [the Civil Service Law] shall relate to the political opinions or affiliations of any person whatever; and no appointment or selection to or removal from an office or employment within the scope of [the Civil Service Law] or the rules established thereunder, shall be in any manner affected or influenced by such opinions or affiliations.

Subdivision 2 of §107 prohibits “Inquiry concerning political affiliations.” Subdivision 2, in pertinent part, provides that “No person shall directly or indirectly ask, indicate or transmit orally or in writing the political affiliations of any employee in the civil service of the state or of any civil division thereof or of any person dependent upon or related to such an employee, as a test of fitness for holding office.”

However, in some instances an individual’s political affiliation determines his or her eligibility for appointment to a position in public service in New York State as a matter of law. Name one such position.

E-mail your answer to NYPPL at with the word “Trivia - 2011” in the subject line on or before January 31, 2011. Only the first entry submitted by an individual will be considered. The correctness of the answer submitted by an individual shall be determined by solely by NYPPL.

The individual submitting the "first correct entry" will receive a free copy of the 2011 edition of The Discipline Book, [regular price $195] upon its publication later this year. In the event more than one correct entry is received, the “first correct entry” will be determined by NYPPL’s making a selection at random from among the “correct e-mails” received on or before January 31, 2011.

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